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WeekEndJam 47

1st 'real time' broadcast of WEJ

Ol' Duke

Download a copy of the Show here

WEJ47-Happy Birthday Elvis

Tom Sheehan "Die Like Elvis"
Boogie Company "Elvis"
Darwin's Finches "Elvis"
Red Hot and Blue "Elvis Calling"
Los PipeƱos "Elvis Chamorro"
Duncan Wells "Elvis Drives A Taxi"
Trace Relations "Elvis Es Mi Gato"
Pat Godwin "Elvis Is Alive"
Louis King "Elvis Jesus and the Devil"
Glen Brown and The Kool Kats "Elvis Lives In My House, He Ain't Dead At All"
Eddy Ray Cooper "Elvis Said"
Kevin Centlivre & Rick Mastry "Elvis Test 20th!"
Harvey Mac Freeze and The Permanent Vacation Band "Elvis Was The Milkman"
Confederate Railroad "Elvis and Andy"
Tracy Wiebeck "Elvis at the Bus Stop"
Los Gatos Zombies "Elvis del espacio exterior"
Donna Frost "Elvis in a Tollbooth"
Kenny Lee "Elvis is Alive"
Pistol Creek Catch Of The Day "Elvis is Haunting My Bathroom"
Midnight Tea Party "Elvis the Gypsy"
Tommy Lee Project "Elvis was 30 and I was 10"
Thee Waltons "Elvis was a Werewolf"
Rudy Colombini & The Unauthorized "Elvis' Comeback"
The Downshifters "Elvis' Last Hit"
Robert Taylor "Elvis' Shoes"
Rich Gowell aka Ace Diamond "Elvis,Jerry Lee & Me"
Glen Erickson "Heaven Help Us Elvis"
Drunk At The Drive Thru "Help Us Elvis"
The Wandering Bards "I Believe in Elvis"
Slow Bones "I Seen Elvis in the Piggley Wiggley"
Weazledust "I've Got Elvis Living In Me"
Pancho Ballard and The Banditos "Mexican Elvis"
Ned Lucas Band "Tatoo of Elvis"