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WeekEnd Jam 46-The Year in Review, Vol. 2

Ol' Duke

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Buffalo Summer "Ol' Duke" WEJ43
Boogie Bone "Blues Police" WEJ32
Kimmie & Johnny "Mista Meaner (I Hate the F'n Fuzz)" WEJ32
Skinny Jimmy and The Stingrays "Squad Car" WEJ32
OutlawSonBand "Billy the Kid" WEJ33
The Sickstring Outlaws- "Outlaw Man" WEJ33
MoonShine Bandits "Whiskey River" WEJ33
Jenna Torres "One Good Outlaw" WEJ34
Tanya Mae(A Murder of Crows) "SixString Outlaw" WEJ34
Chance Ray "Busted Can of Biscuits" WEJ35
Davisson Brothers Band "Leftover Biscuits" WEJ35
The Quaker City Night Hawks "Bible Black Lincoln" WEJ37
Frank Gregory "Souped up Model A Ford" WEJ38
Rocket DeVille "St. Chevy" WEJ38
Slade Rivers Band "Chicken Butt Shuffle" WEJ40
Greg Leatherman "Chicken Picker" WEJ40
Help Me Devil "Chicken Walk" WEJ40
Flat Foot "Queen of White Trash" WEJ41
Forgotten Sons "Redneck,White Trash, Badass" WEJ41
The Curse "White trash punk" WEJ41
Geezers Go! "Buy Me A Beer" WEJ42
Weedhawks "Red Apple Rag" WEJ42
Fifth on the Floor "Missin' the Mornin'" WEJ43
Them Guilty Aces "Blackjack Baby" WEJ44
The Goodle Boys "John Law Burned Down the Liquor Store" WEJ44
The Devil Makes Three "They Call That Religion" WEJ44
Buffalo Summer "Ol' Duke" WEJ43