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WeekEnd Jam 45-The Year in Review, Vol. 1

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29 Mules "Ain't No Honky Tonks in L A" WEJ 19
The Roadrunners "Blue Jean Bop" WEJ 20
Rockabilly 54 "I dont Care" WEJ 21
Momma and the Redemption "Keep On Rocking" WEJ 22
Danny Kay and The Nightlifers "Honky Tonk Friday Night" WEJ 23
John Wayne Bro "Save Me" WEJ 24
Kimmie & Johnny with The Trailer Trash Band "Trailer Trash" WEJ 25
Trailer Trash Lot 420 "Trailer Trash" WEJ 25
Cripplebilly Headlights "Drinking My Blues Away" WEJ 26
Rumble House Rockabilly "Psycho Cadillac" WEJ 27
The Vinyl 45's "Rockabilly Ruckus" WEJ 27
Webb Dalton "Rockabilly Honky Tonkin' Rock n Roll" WEJ 27
Gunslinger "Ready to Rock" WEJ 28
Junkyard Lipstick "Hellbent" WEJ 28
The Ratrod Cats "RatRod Boogie" WEJ 28
Alex Culbreth & The Dead Country Stars "Where Will My Troubles Go" WEJ 29
Bob Pressner "Too Old To Die Young" WEJ 29
JP Harris and the Tough Choices "Two For The Road" WEJ 29
Mandy Marie And The Cool Hand Lukes "Dave Dudley" WEJ 29
Snit's Dog & Pony Show "Roberta" WEJ 30
The Smokejumpers "Diablo Sauce" WEJ 30
The Straight 8s "King of Fools" WEJ 30
Cenobite "Prodigal Sun" WEJ 31
Mariachis del Infierno "Dead Man Drinkin' " WEJ 31
Smokin Toads "Drive All Night" WEJ 31
The Lucky Odds "Gonna Rock It" WEJ 31
Thee Swank Bastards "Wet Man Blues" WEJ 31
Turbo 350 "Drink My Drink" "" WEJ 31