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WeekEnd Jam 41

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WeekEndJam 41 13 September,2013

Candye Kane "White Trash Girl"
Chuck Hughes "White Trash"
STEFFAN ROCK "White Trash Blues"
The Legendary O'Lantern Brothers "White Trash"
Country 1
Barnyard Stompers "White Trash Family"
Bob Wire "White Trash Paradise"
Cody McCarver "White Trash With Money"
Country 2
Dallas Martin Band "No Class White Trash"
Jason Bertrand "White Trash Weekend"
Jeffrey Michaels "Redneck White Trash Blue Collar Guy"
Country 3
Jesse & The Hogg Brothers "White Trash Meth Lab"
Kevin Blake Willard & the Cadillac Cowboys "Redneck White Trash"
Moses Tucker "Poor White Trash"
White Trash Picnic "Welcome To The White Trash Picnic"
White Trash Cowboys "White Trash Cowboys"
Big B "White Trash Life"
Big BfeatThe Dirtball "Pass the Jager"
Kottonmouth Kings "Free Willy"
Rock 1
Flat Foot "Queen of White Trash"
Backroad Sons "Redneck,White Trash, Badass"
Forgotten Sons is a new project of frontman Travis Roads, who is also with the bandBackroad Sons
Rock 2
Let's Face It "White Trash Bar"
Lydia Laska "White Trash Attack"
Rock 3
The biPoLar Rats "white trash from ascot road"
The Curse "White trash punk"
The Gonners "White Trash"
Rock 4
The Lugosis "white trash octane"
The Uncouth! "White Trash"
The Unsatisfied "White Trash"
Sex With Lurch "White Surf Trash"
Years Of Sorrow "White Trash Girlfriend"
Them Guilty Aces "Prowler"