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WeekEnd Jam 40

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WeekEndJam 40 6 September,2013

Ten Foot Polecats "Chicken Head Man"
Mike Ingram "Roscoe's Barbecue Chicken Shack"
Chinese Fire Drill "Memphis Women & Fried Chicken"
Black River Bluesman "Chicken in the Watch"
ANIMATORZ "chicken Bop"
Help Me Devil "Chicken Walk"
Naked Brown "Chicken George"
Drunken Rollers "Chicken Run"
The Trumps Band "Chicken"
MFC Chicken "Chicken,Baby,Chicken"
King Salami and the Cumberland Three "Chicken back"
The Collision "Chicken Stew"
American Death Truck "Chicken Scratch"
Slade Rivers Band "Chicken Butt Shuffle"
Colonel Jimmy & The Blackfish "Chicken n' Beans"
Shredead Metal "Sam's Fried Chicken"
Greg Leatherman "Chicken Picker"
Deep Fried Mojo "Fried Chicken and Gasoline"
Sabastian Roberts "Chicken Fried Mistake"
Wally Montgomery "Chicken Salad,The New Batch"

*** airport noises "Dixie Chicken Drinking Song"
T.C. Love "chicken plant"

*** Zydeco Kings "Follow me Chicken"
Matt Gauss Band "Chicken Little"
The Fullerton Transfer "Chicken Boots"
The Notorious Nightcrawlers "Chicken Train"
Moohshine Mountain "Chicken-fried Steak"