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WeekEnd Jam 35

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WEJ35 21June2013

Mr. Boogie Woogie"Red Beans"
Chinese Fire Drill"Memphis Women & Fried Chicken"
Chance Ray & The Good Sinners"Busted Can of Biscuits"
Sabastian Roberts"Chicken Fried Mistake"
Rich O'toole"Mariujana and Jalapenos"
Chasin' Steel"Drink My Dinner"
Davisson Brothers Band"Leftover Biscuits"
Hipbone Sam"Grilled Cheese"
Jayden Grahlman"Old Cold Pizza"
Those Cats"Pancakes"
Laurence Beall"Hoe Cake "
•Sandy Reay"I'm In It For the Food"
Pure Grain"Deep Fried Twinkie"
Lou Shields"Coffee Song"
Miss Firecracker One Woman Band "Sweet for your Pickle"
Steven R Trent"Truck Stop Gravy"
Patson - One Man Band"Red Eye"
The Politics"Potato Gun"
Shredead Metal"Sam's Fried Chicken"
Benny K"Fast Food Fiend"
Children of Reagan"Fast Food Suicide"
The Pizza Monsters"Fast Food Girl"
the neutronz"CLOSE TO THE BONE"
The Party Cats"Hot Dog(The Drive in Song)"
The Smokejumpers"Diablo Sauce"
The Swingin' Bricks"Gitchoo Out My Kitchen"
The Slamming Zeros"Glass of Swill"
*Background Music*
midway charmers"Cotton Candy"

***Inaugural Winners Of The Trifecta***

Waiting For One"Drinking My Way To Righteousness" (WEJ 17)
Waiting For One"Fat Fuck" (SMHO 13)
Waiting For One"Life's A Bitch, Gimme A Beer"(NWOBHM 11)