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Weekend Jam 3

Download a copy of the Show here
John Wayne Bro"Fight Again"
John Wayne Bro"Love You To The Core"
John Wayne Bro "Mountain"
John Wayne Bro"Save Me"
John Wayne Bro "Time to Face the Music"
Justin Johnson "Avalanche"
Lou Shields "Back Country"
Purgatory Hill "Drinkin' or Drivin"
The 2 Knights "Law Dog Blues"
The 2 Knights "Trouble of the Real Kind"
Byron Blocker and The Offbeats "Whiskey Kisses Vodka Screams"
Gashouse Gorillas "Nine Lives"
Red Daughters "El Paso"
Ten Foot Polecats "Chicken Head Man"
Urges from Elsewhere "Burly Man"
The Cadillac Bombers "As Long as I'm moving"
The Cadillac Bombers "Drugstore Rock n Roll"
The Cadillac Bombers "Flying Saucers Rock n Roll"
Chuck Hughes Band "Crazy Little Baby"
Chuck Hughes Band "Hillbilly Love"
Chuck Hughes Band "Road Rage"
Chuck Hughes Band "White Trash"