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WeekEnd Jam 21

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The Snake Charmers "(I Wanna be a) Hoochie Mama"
Midnight Stone "12 O'clock Tavern"
The Bones Martyn Band "BIG BAD MAMA"
Dirty Diamond And The Gunslinger "My Baby's Been Around"
The GladeZmen "Big Ol' Monster"
Full Blood Country "Beer Broke"
Slow Bones "Dirt Road Drinkin"
Moccasin Creek "Dixie Fried"
The Show "Born free"
The Dragstrip Devils "Shakin"
Spur Gang "Hotrods from Hell"
Mike Bonanza an' the Trailer Park Cowboys "Hot Rod Mama"
Rockabilly 54 "I dont Care"
Dirty Diamond And The Gunslinger "Little Black Spider"
Robyn Ludwick "Can't Go Back"
Edie Simmons "Love Rat"
Deb Seymour "Mama Wears A Hard Hat"
Bugs BeddowBand "Pack It Up"
Bambooligans "Overtime"
Rupert Jenner "Outta Control"
Moose Allen "Teardrops and Whiskey"
Egregious "Weekend Chug"
Nervous Breakdown "Who Called Out The Cops"
Junkyard Lipstick "Barbie"
Interstate Cowboy "Fragile World"