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Podcast 1

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Lil Miss Mary "Big Bad Handsome Man"
Squirrel Skin Slippers "Come to Me Baby"
Bottle Cap Rockets "Black Eldorado"
Tammy Lunn & Myles High "Rocket In My Pocket"
Christian D and The Hangovers "Lock Myself In"
The Octanes "Dont Flip Your Lid"
McKnight and Bogdal "Blues Make Me Happy"
Syndrome Mafia "Punkabilly Blues Anthem"
Memphis Mike and the Legendary Tremblers "Drinking Money"
Buzz Deluxe "Get Hip"
Hell Drivers "She Make Me Crazy"
Ratrod Cats "1955(nineteen fifty-five)"
Laurence Luckyman Beall "Hoe Cake"
Old Bottle Black "New Laredo"
Screamin Black Cadillacs "Waiting for You"
The Defilers "Youre Gonna Put me in my Grave"
The Neutronz "Knucklehead"
Toadstool "All Tied Up"
Whiskey Kiss "Lets Have a Party"
Ry Bradley "Gotta Make Up My Mind"