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This week Larry Hooper joins us for an interview! We cover everything
"Between here and the Stars"! Buy his albums here! Find Larry on Twitter


"Between Here and The Stars" Larry Hooper

"Stillhouse" Larry Hooper

"Heaven or Hell ( A Song for the westboro baptist church)" Larry Hooper

"The Cost" Larry Hooper

"Hearts Design" Larry Hooper

"Lorena" Larry Hooper

"Blue Truck"

"Everytime I let Go" Larry Hooper

"Double Barrel Soul" Larry Hooper

"Teaspoon Full of Gravel" Mike Ethan Messic

"Native Son" Chris King

"Little Sweet Cigars" The Trishas

"Alabamma Pines" Jason Isbell and T h.e 400 Unit

"Rolling Around in the Bed" Drew Kennedy

Larry Hooper "soulful outro"