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The Shivering Denizens "The Shivering Denizens"
The Shivering Denizens "Vixen Blues"
Fox'N'Hounds "Done Me So"
Evening Time Buzz "Rio"
Slug's Revenge "Freeborn Man"
The Amazing Mr. Z and the Hillside Piracy "The Pot Song"
Nellie Wilson "I Rose Above"
Nellie Wilson "Jose Cuervo"
Lost Dog "Please Don't Go"
24th Peak Project "Marbles"
Slug's Revenge "Media Song"
PeeWee Moore "Moonshine Mama"
Humps n the Blackouts "Whitelines"
Humps n the Blackouts "People"
The Lonesome Fugitive Band "Harold's Super Service"
Kimmie F'n Greeneyes and Johnny Profane "Mista Meaner"
Kimmie F'n Greeneyes and Johnny Profane "El Camino"
Mata Macdionald "Lila"
Hell Drivers "Coming Home"

Bonus Track: Nellie Wilson in some establishments this will require ear muffs!