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The Two Man Gentlemen Band "Please Dont Water it Down"
Jet Weston and His Atomic Ranch Hands "Ground Hog"
Wicked Son "Hard Pushin' Papa"
Zachary Thomas Diedrich "Gasoline"
Alex "One Man Band" Culbreth "The Ringing In My Ears"
Alex "One Man Band" Culbreth "Vagabond Blues"
Sturgeon City "Ain't A Damn Thing"
Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy "Mama's Little Baby"
Laney Jones "Colorado Washington"
Laney Jones "Broken Hearts"
Comic Books "Sweet Angel"
Corey Lee McQuade "Hateful Run"
Dark City Strings "Love Outside the Law"
Faceless Bandits "Fell In Love"
Faceless Bandits "Everything Changes In The Sun"
Alison Self and Matt Rivers "Weary Blues"
Lonesome Jared w- The Heart Attacks "Broken Hearts and Dirty Dishes"