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Sir Alleycat "Sunday Morning Hangover" _theme song_
Slug's Revenge "Sittin' on Top of the World"
Pot Luck "Mountain Brew"
Slug's Revenge "Over Before It Began"
City Hotel String Band "Baby's Coming Over"
City Hotel String Band "Text Me"
Pot Luck "Honey Babe"
Anthony Daniels "Moonshine Liquor"
Jet Weston & his Atomic Ranch Hands "Knee Deep In Trouble"
Lonesome Jared with The Heart Attacks "Broken Hearts and Dirty Dishes"
Bill Cardinal "Lucky Charm"
The Sweetback Sisters "Feelin Bad"
The 357 String Band "Oh Adeline"
The Armadillos "Working Man's Wages"
The Lurkers "Get Foxy News"
Ryan Harvey "Ordinary Heroes"
Slug's Revenge "I Don't Care to Know the Method of the Madness"

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