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Blues Edition with Sir Alleycat

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Sir Alleycat "SMHO Blues"
^^^Sir Alleycat Intro^^^
Bluesdacious with the Dry Stane Dykers "More"
Shower Me Blue "I Deserve Better"
Shower Me Blue "Eyes of Blue"
Chris Smith "A Walk in the Woods"

Christian Coleman - Blue Zen Band "4th Street Boogie"
Christian Coleman - Blue Zen Band "Nobody But You"
The Illusion of Blues "Deep Down Blues"
The Illusion of Blues "Steps in the Clouds"
Larry Cotton Blues Band "Chicken Feed"

High Wyred Featuring Papa Bear Adams "Airplane"
Les Kerr "Buy You Blues "
Matty Graziano "The Church Bells Don't Play Rock n' Roll"
Jesse James & GGBR "The Knife and the Thorn"

Colby Bair and The Dangerous Mood "Shake 'Em On Down"
Parchman Farm "Livin' Fast "
Scott Fetrow "Spectator Blues"

The Bluezzers "New York Blues (Live)"
The Bluezzers "After Hours (Live) "

^^^Sir Alleycat Outro^^^

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