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^--Betsy Intro--^
Sir AlleyCat "Sunday Morning Hanover"
Jody Wayne Wood "What Not To Do"
Kimmie & Johnny "Another Shot of Liquor (Less Than a Demo)"
Comic Books "Barcelona"
Paper Ceilings "Bob Dylan: An Unauthorized Biography by Paper Ceilings"
Battlefield Collective "Cotton Paper Bills"
Paper Ceilings "Discarded Cigarettes"
^--PSA 1--^
Apple.Shine "Double High"
Drunk armstrong "Drugs"
Corey Lee McQuade "Hateful Run"
Drunk armstrong "Hooray for yeah!)
Hub City Collective and Skully Knuckles "Toothless Grin"
Hub City Collective and Joe West- "Old friends"
Hot Damn Scandal "Jack & Terry"
^--PSA 2--^
Hot Damn Scandal "Mama Don't Watch You"
Wasted Life Family Band "Southern Ground (Live! From Trashcanistan)"
Drunk armstrong "Tenderness waltz"
The Amazing Mr. Z and the Hillside Piracy "Tattooed Knuckled Long Hair Man"
The Shady Rest Band "White Lines"
Comic Books "Whiskey"
Dog & Gun "White Freight Liner"
Hot Damn Scandal "Wild Rose"
Paper Ceilings "You Can't Say Crap on the Radio"
^--Betsy Outro--^

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