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Sir Alleycat "Sunday Morning Hangover"
Battlefield Collective ".44- Live at Eddie's Attic"
Old Belle "Beggin'"
VIVA LE VOX "Bloodstains & Burnholes"
VIVA LE VOX "Cardiovascular & Otherwise"
P.D.Lear & The Damn Band "Devils In My House"
Diabo Dimes "Wishing Well blues"
Drunk Armstrong "Alcoholic"
-*-*_PSA 1_*-*-
Everymen "Social Obsession"
Everymen "Waking Up Hurts"
Fabulous Flea Market Band "Goddamn Mary (live demo)"
The Lurkers "Get foxy news"
Average Joey "Go Fast, Turn Left"
Average Joey"Goin' Down the Road (I Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way)"
Greyhound Suitcase "That Door(makes me drink)"
Illumination "Ballad of Boynton Beach"
Jody Wanye Wood "Hangman"
Los Bastardos Magnificos "Whiskey Done It's Job"
-*-*_PSA 2_*-*-
Th' Booty Hunters "Preachin Blues"
The Lurkers "Shoot The Moon"
The Darling Sweets "The Old Past"
Broke Stranded & Ugly "The Long Steps"
The Royal Tinfoil "Die Already"
The Two Gentlemen Band "Fancy beer"
The Two Gentlemen Band"Into My Minivan"
The Two Gentlemen Band "Drip Dryin"
Old Belle "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"

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