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Two Dollar Goat "dont blame me"
Pluckin Grassholes "all apologies"
The Flanks "low in the hole"
Carolina Cotton "3 miles south of cash"
Larry Hooper "If youre gonna be in heaven"
Dag and The Bullet Boys "blacked out again"
J.B. Beverley and The Wayward Drifters "chase down these blues"
Donnie Woodward "a drunks ability"
Johnny Pistol "dont get caught with cack cocaine in florida"
Byron Blocker "cocaine blues"
The Octanes "dont flip your lid"
Sugar Thumb "six pack to go"
The Southern Belles "shotgun"
Elam Mcknight "hold you closer"
Blacked Eyed Vermillion "pass me the bottle"
Byron Blocker "the man who sold the world"