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Sunday Shoutout to Hap


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________Betsy Intro________
Grandpa's Cough Medicine "Beer Truck Drivin' Man"
Jason and The Punknecks "Better Part of Me"
Gas Money "Black Jack David"
Modern Earl "Blame It On The Bottle"\
Milkhouse Radio "Cobwebs and Kerosene"
Grandpa's Cough Medicine "Crooked Cop"
Tenafly Rye "Dance with me Molly"
Eisenhauer Band "Deeper Well"
Milkhouse Radio "Dirftless"
Grandpa's Cough Medicine "Drinkin Money"
Comic Books "Evil House"
brown bird "Fingers to the Bone"
________PSA 1________
Bogsey and the Argonauts "Follow the Leader"
Cameron Milford "Hiding In Tennessee"
Trashcan Bandits "Hold On"
Jon Walsh "Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey"
Humps and the Blackouts "Killed Me With Country Song"
Faceless Bandits "Life Boat"
The Dunder chiefs "Little Behind"
Gas Money "Nashville Hotel"
Humps and the Blackouts "Outlaw"
Trashcan Bandits "Queen of Hearts"
The Merciful Heavens "Ragnorok Blues"
Broke Stranded and Ugly "Red Blooded'Merican"
________PSA 2________
Gas Money "Ridin The Rails"
Dog and Gun "Running Back"
Leigh Brennen "Single Girl"
Laney Jones "Take This Heart"
Trashcan Bandits "All For Me Grogg"
Tin Roof Union "This Old Memory"
Gas Money "High Water"
Gas Money "Coast A While"
Gas Money "Gig Posters"
Jason and The Punknecks "Whiskey and Sin"
Bogsey and the Argonauts "Working"
________Betsy Outro________

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