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Intro from the RDR Computer Betsy
Phantoms of the Opry "Bout You"
The Dunder Chiefs "61 Days"
Rickey Dickens and the Revival "A Long Month"

The Paychecks "Ain't Nothing Me"
Jesse LeBourdais "Anymore"
Blue Jeans & Khaki Pants "Black White or Gay"

Barnraisers "Bluest Gal"
Laney Jones "Broken Hearts"
hoagiebait "Can-Do Attitude"

The Parlor Soldiers "Crazy"
Alex Culbreth & The Dead Country Stars "Daisy"
Copper Into Steel "Door #1"

Alex Culbreth & The Dead Country Stars "Let's Send the Politicians Off To War"
Bill Cardinal "Lucky Charm"
The Broken Spokes "Mind Your Own Business"

Ryan Harvey "Ordinary Heroes"
Tennessee Jed "These Seven Years (live on WETS Studio One)"

30 Gallon Still "Tonight We Ride (OLD DEVIL cover)"
Alex Culbreth & The Dead Country Stars "West Virginia Nervous Breakdown"
Gas Money "Untehtered"

Outro from RDR comptuer Betsy EFF