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Laney Jones "Colorado and Washington"
Whiskey Chimp "Loosen Your Bible Belt"
Ian Thomas "Just Survining"
Motel Drive "Plastic Dashboard Jesus"
Kimmy n Johnny "Mista Meaner (I Hate the F'n Fuzz)"
Jeff Blaney "Aint' Done Nobody Wrong"
Cattle Cruisers "Too Lazy Too Work, Too Nervous To Steal"
Uncle Lightin' "Lonesome Hobo Blues"
Alex Culbreth and The Dead Country Stars "The Wretched and Righteous"
Corey Lee McQuade "Dumpster Dog"
Great American Taxi "Poor House"
Loaded Goat "Awful Times"
Adam Kiesling (Mill City Grinders) "How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times"
Alex Culbreth and The Dead Country Stars "Let's Send the Politicians Off To War"
Slugs Revenge "Media Song"
Rex J Allen "The System Ain't Workin'"
Ryan Harvey and Mark Gunnery "The Grocery Workers' Song"
Banjer Dan "The Guys In Suits and Ties"
Rebel Freeman "It's Up to You and Me"
Andrew Morris and Friends
"Poor Man's Words to American Churches"
"Buy Buy Baby"
"To the Indians of Northern Indiana"
"Home of the Brave"
"Moral Demise"
Rolling Nowhere "Keep Walking"
***Bonus Track***
Interstate Cowboy "Fragile World"