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Dang Gulity: "Lookin for El Dorado"
Scotty Campbell and his Wardenaires:
"Smokin abd Drinkin"
Old Death Whisper: "Pistolero"
Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague and his 18 Wheelers:
"Weigh Station, Speed Traps and Detours"
Black Water Gin: "Country Song"
Cowboy Dave Band: "Friend in a Bottle"
Ry Bradley: "Gone"
Dang Gulity: "Hot Rod"
Hub City Collective and Joe West: "Old Friends"
Hub City Collective and Skully Knuckles: "Toothless Grin"
Hub City Collective: "False Hearted Lover"
Hub City Collective: "Grand Illusion"
Jared S.: "I Don't Go To Jail No More"
Ry Bradley "Keep Movin On"
Dustin Clark and Stone Mountain Railroad: "Memory Eraser"
Ry Bradley: "Pistol Packin"
The PayChecks: "Prison Bars (Don't Serve Whiskey)"
The DeVillebillies: "Cigarettes and Beer"
The DeVillebillies: "Truck Drivin Woman"
The Motor City Rebels: "Not too drink to fall in love with you"
The Octanes: "Movin Up, Movin Out"
Lefty Mcrighty: "The Prettiest Girl At The Shelter"
The Octanes: "Can't Be Friends"
Dang Gulity "Wanted Man"