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Jeff Blaney "Aint Done Nobody Wrong"
Whiskey Chimp "Seven Deadly Sins"
Ghost Town Gospel "Drown me in Bourbon"
Sweetback Sisters "Cannonball"
The Parlor Soldiers "-Mess"
Buzz Deluzxe "Why I Never Sleep"
Ghost Town Gospel "Bury Me in Whiskey"
Buker Brothers Band "Southwest Virginia"
Little Blinky "Lonsome Later On"
The Barefoot Nellies "Your New Girl"
The Trishas "Liars and Fools"
Ian Thomas "Just Surviving"
The Devil Makes-Three "They Call That Religion:
Whiskey Chimp "If Id'a Shot Your Sooner"
Ben Prestage "Save That Roach for Me"
The Parlor Soldiers "When The Dust Settles"
Cattle Cruisers "Too Lazy to Work and Too Nervous Steal"
Woody and The Stragglers "Let Me Go Home Whiskey"