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Letters from Birmingham City Jail

Sunday Morning Hangover "2 cent tuesday"
Show Intro
The Sons of The New Amish "Let's Privtize the Air"
The Sons of The New Amish "Dick Cheney's Wild Ride"
The Lurkers "Get Foxy News"
Yard Sale "Media"
Slug's Revenge "Media Song"
Tommy Frain "Destruction"
Silas Lowe "They Fooled You"
hedgehag "money is the root of all evil"
Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising "To The Begging"
Ryan Harvey "About the only thing that Governments done"
Slug's Revenge "Prison Song"
Tommy Frain "Forgotten"
Wire in the Wood "Get It In Your Head"
Beach Dwarf "Observe and Repeat"
Bogsey and The Argonauts"Follow The Leader"
Tommy Frain "Organize"
Silas Lowe "Rabble Rouse"
Rebel Freeman "It's Up to You and Me"
Ryan Harvey "Ordinary Heroes"

Podcast can be downloaded here after the show.